Atletico Madrid-Almeria (6.30pm)

Atletico Madrid-Almeria (6.30pm)

Finally, as the third and final choice here is the multibet outcome over 2.5 or goals (best odds 1.87 on Better).

Getafe-Almeria (7.30pm)

Very delicate moment for Getafe coming off a streak of four rounds without a win and with only two points forfeited, for a ranking that speaks of a fifth-to-last place just one point away from the relegation zone. For Almeria, however, two defeats in a row against Bilbao and Atletico Madrid, predictable results on paper and which have weighed down a context that speaks of a third-to-last place shared with Valencia.


A match where the draw appears to be of little use to both teams and therefore the first game choice is based in this case on double chance 12 (best odds 1.31 on GoldBet), while for the more ambitious I suggest the outcome over 2 .5 (best odds 2.15 on SNAI). As the third and final bet here is the combobet over 0.5 first half + over 0.5 second half (best odds 1.90 on Better).

Celta Vigo-Elche (10pm)

Four rounds in a row without a win for a Celta Vigo team that has, among other things, suffered two knockouts in a row against Real Madrid and Mallorca respectively, a clear drop in form that puts the local team in the middle of the table, but with an advantage of just six points compared to the relegation zone which does not allow too much relaxation.

For Elche an announced relegation and which only lacks mathematical certainty, in fact there are seventeen points that separate the guests from the safety zone, a team sadly relegated to the bottom of the ranking with a paltry haul of 13 points. Elche which among other things presents the worst defensive statistics, with 61 goals conceded, but also with the worst attack in the Liga given the only 20 goals scored.


Let’s now move on to the first game choice which falls entirely on the partial/final outcome 1-1 (best odds 1.82 on GoldBet), while the more demanding can take into consideration the multigoal 3-4 (best odds 2.40 on Better ). Finally, as the third and final solution to the game, here is the result: Iago Aspas first scorer (best odds 4.00 on SNAI).

Rayo Vallecano-Barcelona (10pm)

After the goalless draws against Girona and Getafe, here comes a new victory for the Blaugrana, this time obtained against Atletico Madrid and without conceding a single goal for the umpteenth time, confirming the excellent defensive organisation, with only 9 goals conceded since the start of the championship.

For Rayo Vallecano two defeats suffered in the last three days, respectively against Real Sociedad and Atletico Madrid, alternating with the home victory against Osasuna of Pamplona, ​​for an eighth place, six points from the Conference League zone, which still remains a virtuous context given the modest caliber of the rose.


Barcelona’s brilliant moment could very well continue in this match against a less than highly motivated opponent and therefore the first game choice falls entirely on outcome 2 (best odds 1.73 on SNAI). The second choice is based on the 2-3 multigoal (best odds 2.05 on GoldBet), while the third and final bet is related to the corner outcome over 7.5 (best odds 1.25 on Better).

The spotlight is on the midweek round, after a weekend that further reaffirmed the supremacy of a Barcelona capable of narrowly beating the Colchoneros, while Real Sociedad seems to be the favorite for fourth place after the simultaneous knockouts of Betis and Villareal. Let’s then move on to the presentation of the three Liga advance matches scheduled for Tuesday evening, with the related gaming tips.

Cadiz-Osasuna (7.30pm)

For the hosts Cadiz, a precious goalless draw won at Espanyol, a result that allows them to remain at +2 in the relegation zone, a margin that in any case requires a brisk pace to avoid being sucked into the red zone. Opponent of the day was Osasuna fresh from the sensational and daring victory obtained against Betis, second success in the last three days, for an eighth place which is however difficult to improve given the six points from the European positions.


The first game suggestion in this case concerns the outcome of the home team scoring goals (best odds 1.29 on GoldBet), while the most demanding can take into consideration the outcome x (best odds 3.15 on SNAI). Third and final choice is the multibet goal or over 2.5 (best odds 1.90 on Better).

Girona-Real Madrid (7.30pm)

For the local team, they suffered a narrow defeat against Valladolid away from home, a result that does not have much impact on the neutral context in the center of the table, with a substantial lead of 8 points over the relegation zone. The calendar now offers a rather insidious obstacle, that Real Madrid fresh from qualifying for the Champions League semi-final and from three victories in the last four league matches, for a second place at +5 on their cousins ​​Atletico, while for first place hopes are now gone.


The first game suggestion in this case is based on the multigoal 2-4 (best odds 1.55 on GoldBet), while as an ambitious alternative I recommend outcome x (best odds 4.25 on SNAI). Third game solution is that concerning the outcome over 1.5 second half (best odds 1.85 on Better).

Betis-Real Sociedad (10pm)

A traumatic defeat suffered by Betis on the Osasuna pitch, a match that started off uphill given the 3 goals conceded in the first 41 minutes of the game which ended all discussions after the first half of the game. In the standings the situation now sees the local team -6 from the Champions League zone due to Real Sociedad’s simultaneous victory over Rayo Vallecano, a margin that is not at all easy to absorb.

The Galicians themselves are today’s opponents of Betis, a true last resort given that in the event of defeat any hope of being able to fight for fourth place would vanish, but only a victory could actually reopen the games. Watch out for Real Sociedad’s excellent away performance, which boasts 8 wins alternating with 2 draws and 5 defeats.


Match that has all the characteristics of a goal outcome (best odds 1.95 on GoldBet), whose value is even very close to doubling, while as an ambitious alternative I suggest outcome 1 (best odds 3.20 on Better). Finally, the last choice is based on the multigoal 1-3 first half (best odds 1.48 on Better).

What happened on Saturday at the Ceramica stadium was absolutely sensational, where the host Villareal surrendered the entire stake against the precarious Valladolid, a result that came after the blunder at the Bernabeu in Madrid. La Liga round that will end with the Monday evening postponement between Celta Vigo and Mallorca, two teams that are scraping by in mid-table without particular ambitions, with a rather substantial advantage over the red zone. Here is the analysis of the match, with the related playing advice.

Celta Vigo-Mallorca (9pm)

For the hosts Celta Vigo a positive streak of seven consecutive rounds without suffering defeats, a good pace that allows them to stay in tenth position at +8 on the red zone, a context that therefore allows them to take a breather after a first part of a not exactly exciting season which had left glimmers of concern regarding involvement in the tough fight to avoid relegation. In the internal balance there are only 5 victories, alternating with 5 draws and 4 defeats.

Driven by a superlative Muriqi, author of a brace, Mallorca snatched a precious 3-3 draw in the previous round on the pitch of a Valladolid team that appeared in amazing form, as confirmed by the success achieved on Saturday against Villareal, a match in which the guests equalize on a penalty kick in the 94th minute! The Majorcans’ path sees six rounds in a row without the joy of victory, with a balance of three draws and three defeats, but the 7 points advantage over the relegation zone appears to be a rather reassuring cushion, barring a real collapse in the final of championship. The visiting team must improve in the last sixteen metres, in fact the 25 goals scored appear to be too poor a haul, while the defense showed a certain solidity, with only 30 goals conceded.


Confidence in a Celta Vigo team that has all the potential to emerge from this match with all the stakes at stake, therefore first game choice regarding outcome 1 (best odds 1.78 on GoldBet), while as an ambitious alternative I suggest the outcome over 2.5 (best odds 2.45 on Better), which presents a decidedly exaggerated value. Finally, as the last choice, here is the outcome of corner over 7.5 (best odds 1.41 on Better).

While the games at the top of the ranking appear definitively closed, despite the unexpected draw for league leaders Barcelona, ​​the situations relating to fourth place and the relegation zone still remain uncertain. But let’s now come to the presentation of the four Sunday La Liga matches, with the related game advice.

Girona-Elche (2pm)

For Girona, a championship so far in line with expectations, with a mid-table position at +8 on the relegation zone, a context which consequently allows the appropriate serenity to play the next La Liga matches as best as possible. In this round the hosts will be opposed to Elche, bottom of the Iberian tournament and fresh from three defeats in a row which further weigh down a now compromised situation, with 16 points from the safety zone which appear to be an early verdict.


The first gaming advice in this case concerns outcome 1 (best odds 1.50 on SNAI), while the ambitious alternative is related to multigoal 2-3 (best odds 2.05 on GoldBet), whose value exceeds doubling. The third and final piece of advice concerns the corner outcome over 7.5 (best odds 1.38 on Better).

Getafe-Barcelona (4.15pm)

The goalless draw against Girona in the previous round does not change at all a well-defined ranking context, with a 13-point advantage over Ancelotti’s Real Madrid, without forgetting that the Blaugrana no longer have any commitments at European cup level . The calendar now includes a trip to Madrid against the capital’s third team, Getafe who remain dangerously close to the relegation zone, with an advantage of just three points.


Confidence in the leaders who on paper should not have any particular problems in obtaining the entire stake, therefore first game choice regarding outcome 2 (best odds 1.62 on GoldBet), while as an ambitious alternative I recommend outcome over 1.5 second half (best odds 2.35 on Better). Finally, the last play concerns the outcome of Fati as scorer (best odds 3.50 on SNAI).

Atletico Madrid-Almeria (6.30pm)

Seven wins and a draw in the last eight days of the championship for Atletico Madrid who have finally left behind the dark period of the first part of the season which also cost them the exit from the international context, with a third place at +6 on Real Sociedad and at the same time only two points behind Real Madrid.

Excellent victory for Almeria in the previous round, which further got Valencia into trouble, a result that allows them to climb to +3 on the relegation zone, a margin that obviously still doesn’t allow them to take their foot off the accelerator.


Of all the odds, I am particularly convinced by the one relating to the combobet 1+multigoal 2-4 (best odds 1.80 on GoldBet), which among other things presents an excellent value, while as an ambitious alternative I propose the outcome over 1.5 first half (best odds 2.25 on SNAI). Finally, the third and final piece of advice is based on multibet goals or over 2.5 (best odds 1.41 on Better).

Valencia-Seville (9pm)

Without a shadow of a doubt, the match between the great disappointments of the current La Liga season, with Valencia falling right into the relegation zone after the serious defeat suffered at home to Almeria, with a penultimate place shared with Espanyol, albeit only two points behind safety zone. Sevilla, on the other hand, comes from two victories in the last four championship games, which have allowed them to at least remain at +5 in the red zone, while in the Europa League the great dream continues after the daring at Old Trafford which arrived thanks to two own goals.


Match which on paper appears to have all the characteristics for a goal outcome (best odds 1.90 on GoldBet), which among other things presents a very respectable value, while for the most demanding I propose the outcome x (best odds 3, 25 on Better).

For league leaders Barcelona, ​​second consecutive goalless draw, the result of a now well-defined ranking context given the eleven points advantage over Real Madrid, while what caused a stir was undoubtedly the defeat suffered by Villareal against Ronaldo’s Valladolid. For the 30th The first round of the Liga will be played on Friday evening between Espanyol and Cadiz, so here is the presentation of the match with the relevant game advice.

Espanyol-Cadiz (9pm)

The spotlights are turned on at the Cornellà-El Prat stadium, the scene of Espanyol’s home matches, awaiting on this occasion a very delicate direct clash with a view to survival, in fact the local team currently occupies the penultimate place on equal points with Valencia, in three points from the fourth-to-last position which allows them to remain in the Liga. But watch out for the collapse of recent weeks which has seen Espanyol suffer six consecutive defeats.

The opponent of this round will be a Cadiz defeated in two of the last three days, a dangerous slowdown which costs them a drop to sixteenth position, -4 from the red zone. A particularly painful note is that regarding the scoring average, with only 23 goals scored, while the defense conceded 42.


The local team’s desperate need for points leads me to choose outcome 1 (best odds 2.00 on SNAI), which the market even offers to double, while those who want to limit the risks can take into consideration the simple outcome over 1 .5 (best odds 1.40 on GoldBet), which also presents a rather generous value. Third and final play which in this case is based on the multigoal 2-4 (best odds 1.60 on Better).

The programming of the 30th round concludes with the four Sunday matches, starting from the early afternoon match which will see Valencia visit bottom side Elche, while among the remaining matches stand out those which will see Barcelona host the Colchoneros and the Sevilla look for safety points against Villareal.

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